Films All Doraemon films
Doraemon and His Magic Star Adventures
The Legend of Epicness
TV Shows Doraemon (1973, 1979-2005, 2005-)
House of Animals
Games Turbo Runner
Friends Nobi Nobita
Shizuka Minamoto
Suneo Honekawa
Takeshi Gouda
Hidetoshi Dekisugi
The Doraemons
Roobear Koala
Sonic the Hedgehog
Gogo Dodo
Wembley Fraggle
Enemies Mojo Jojo
Cat R. Waul
Wilde Wolf
The Grand Duke of Owls
Judge Doom
Anacondrai Tribe
Wicked Queen
Park attractions Doraemon's Electric Ride

Doraemon is a robot cat in House of Animals series.

Doraemon and His Magic Star AdventuresEdit

Doraemon makes appearances in his very own movie, Doraemon and His Magic Star Adventures. In this story, Doraemon and Nobi Nobita founded a star that called, Annie.

House of AnimalsEdit

Doraemon make appearances in House of Animals. He uses all their magic powers to fight against Evil.

Turbo RunnerEdit

He makes a cameo in Turbo Runner.

The Legend of EpicnessEdit

He also makes an appearance in the movie The Legend of Epicness.


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